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“A fascinating and innovative interpretation of the blues. File this one under brave, new blues.”

~ Graham Clarke, Blues Bytes

“Bringing a thoroughly addictive and refreshing sound to the new blues scene

~ John Vermilyea, Blues Underground Network

Unforgettable, filled with both intense emotion and playful reflection. You’ll never forget the day you first saw Achilles Tenderloin.

~ Jack Humphrey, Brick Road Media

“Passionate, soulful, and packed with bluesy goodness, Achilles Tenderloin is the quintessential singer-songwriter that you need to have in your life! His unique style will win you over in no time and have you hooked for life!”

~ Kimberly Weiss, W937 Dayton Radio, Music Connection Dayton

“Joe has performed several times in Canal Town and always brings his own blend of soul and grit to everything he does. He’s a complete professional and a pleasure to work with.”

~ Gail Ginther, Metamora Performing Arts

“Joe sings with soul and plays with class. He’s got a big heart and talented folks treasure the opportunity to play with him.”

~ David Ricks, Buck Fifty

“Vibrant personality colors tunes familiar to your feelings…you feel the passion in each song.”

~ Tom Eby, Easy Tom and the Price Hill Decline

“An incredible powerhouse performer of quirky, soulful, folky blues”

~ Christi Brandenburg, Minneapolis, MN

“I love watching Achilles Tenderloin perform! You feel the life and passion in his music and see the way he captivates an audience.”

~ Laura Edmonson, Muncie, IN

“You always have such a wonderful variety of musicians and they’re always good…it doesn’t matter where the show is, you always manage to bring people together. Such a great feeling!

~ Serenity Sandlin, Richmond, IN

“A good man with a huge heart and a contagious smile. His many original songs highlight his set and the respect with which he pays homage to his inspirations…is clear. Joe Augustin is the real deal.”

~ Sonya Boyd, Indianapolis, IN

 “Smiling eyes and a sharp wit belie the tortured soul that lurks beneath, which only surfaces when he opens his mouth to sing.”

~ Tony Hall, Foxfire Freedom Festival