March 19: Joe’s 33rd Birthday Concert at E Street Pub!

Birthday Boy Joe

March 19: Joe’s 33rd Birthday Concert at E Street Pub!

I’m going to turn 33 Earth years this Saturday, March 19! We’re holding a musical birthday celebration at E Street Pub that night with Achilles Tenderloin, Blackthorn’s Bards, and 4 new bands!

The stage will burn all night long, beginning with Achilles Tenderloin at 9 PM sharp. In addition to Blackthorn’s Bards and Achilles Tenderloin, we’re hosting a showcase of four new bands, all formed within the past year: The Years, Patchwork Sunshine, Osculatious Johnson, and Free Shots Band.

Here is the evening’s music schedule:

Joe's 33rd Birthday FlyerE Street Pub will provide Saint Patrick’s Day festivities and a Fireball party for the occasion. Don’t forget to RSVP on Facebook!

Blackthorn’s Bards

Blackthorn’s Bards will help us get into the Saint Patrick’s Day spirit with their unique brand of Celtic rock: a lively, boisterous mixture of acoustic rock and traditional Irish music that will get your boots stomping every time.

Blackthorn's Bards
Blackthorn’s Bards, Feb 2014, by Nate Stevens

Blackthorn’s Bards are Toby Isaacs (guitar, vocal), Craig Wynne (mandolin), Jack Humphrey (hand drums), Cory Glisson (guitar), Kierstan Barbre (fiddle), and multi-instrumentalist Aaron Nell (fiddle, flute, accordion).

The Years

Phil English, Craig Wynne, and Cory Glisson are The Years. You may have heard The Years at 2015’s 888 Roots showcase, or any number of venues in the area, including Kennedy Vineyard, J&J Winery, and Roscoe’s Coffee Bar, just to name a few.

The Years, Aug 2015, by Nate Stevens
The Years, Aug 2015, by Nate Stevens

Osculatious Johnson

Osculatious Johnson is an exciting new project from Drew Davis, Tank Riggs, and Xac Mullins, blending poetry with complex musical arrangements. I can’t wait to hear what the group has been working on for the past several months!

Patchwork Sunshine

Brentney Campbell, Brian Elstro, Cory Glisson, Aaron Nell, and Craig Wynne make up Patchwork Sunshine. Brentney’s airily haunting vocal dances through a playfully soulful mix of bass, drums, trumpet, and intricate guitar stylings.

Free Shots Band

Free Shots Band’s driving electric riffs will keep us dancing into the night. Brandon “BR” Roberts, guitar and vocals, is accompanied by Marty Massoff (bass) and Brad Bales (drums).


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