Heelstone Mary (2004)

Heelstone Mary (2004)

Heelstone Mary (2004)

Written by Achilles Tenderloin

Locked in your bedroom
and lookin’ right up at you
shakin’ your hair in the ceilin’ lamp, wearing
your florescent halo,
like a sunwatchin’ heelstone.
I’m head under heel, as you’re
foldin’ me into your dawn.

O, Repunzel,
throw down your hair
like a bible cord pinned
between velveteen covers.
I’m bendin’ your spine
and your body is good
like the book that he read
to us, Sundays ago.

Don’t worry Mary.
We don’t have to marry
like Mary & Joseph.
I’d rather be Sisyphus,
carryin’ on with you,
rollin’ around with you,
turnin’ you over, and
tumblin’ under your

opening passages,
I won’t abandon you
there on the island.
I’ll wake up beside you.
We’ll dance like Bacchantes
and pipe-playin’ goatmen.
I’ll move with you, singing,

“Eohoe!” Mary,
I’m no messiah,
but I won’t be burning
the scroll of your memory.
You will be there with me
up on the summit
and I won’t be crucified,
leaving you nothing,
but bread and wine.

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