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Lyricists’ Corner is a concert series showcasing local and regional songwriters in the round, hosted by Achilles Tenderloin at New Boswell Brewery & Tap Room in Richmond, Indiana. Each monthly event showcases a unique lineup of three to four featured guests, in addition to Joe himself.

Here you will find news about the series, as well as information about upcoming Lyricists’ Corner events. Please also subscribe to the Lyricists’ Corner Facebook page for regular updates and additional information.

Photo of Joe Augustin
Photo by Jennifer Taylor, October 30, 2015

Joe Augustin (aka Achilles Tenderloin) has been hosting, promoting, and coordinating art, music, poetry, and charity events for more than 15 years.

That includes music festivals, concert series, various open mic formats, exhibits, and art auctions. It also includes a range of charity events, coordinated by Joe independently, as well as in his role as co-founder and co-administrator of SoNA: Society of Neutral Angels.

Joe’s currently active monthly concert series are Wooden Blues, Lyricists’ Corner, and Songwriter Row. Active annual events are Songwriter’s Solstice, 888 Roots, and Noble Oder Blues & Art Festival, to name a few. The list is always growing.

If you have questions about Lyricists’ Corner, or if you would would like Joe to bring an event like this to your business, please use the Contact form, below.

Upcoming Lyricists’ Corner Events

February 7:  Jayne Sachs, Kevin Milner, Brentney Campbell
March 6: Kate Wakefield, Megan Eversole, Craig Wynne, Aaron Nell
April 3: Kat Brennan, Megan Hopkins, The Vagabond Chronicles
May 1: Chris Wolf, Moonshine & Wine, Samuel Tyler Harris

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Past Lyricists’ Corner Events

Aaron Nell, Brad Odom, Brentney Campbell, Brian Wells, Buck Fifty, Canyon Sharits, Chris Wolf, Craig Wynne, Daniel Dye, Eric Ballein, Glen Hoy, Greg Mahan, Gus Moon, Heather Hamlet, Jenn Cristy, Jeremy Siegrist & Lynne Baker, John Simon, Josh LeFevre, Kat Brennan, Kelly Zullo, Kevin Milner, Mark Cantwil, Matt Jenkins, Megan Eversole, Megan Hopkins, Mike Angel, Mike Slone, Miranda Pennington, Moonshine & Wine, Moriah Haven, Paige Beller, Phil English, Ridge Clint Higgins, Rozanne Gewaar, Ryan Roth, Samuel Tyler Harris, Sharon Lane, The Vagabond Chronicles, Tio Savich, Wesley Ladd, Wolfcryer

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