Achilles Tenderloin

Achilles Tenderloin

Achilles Tenderloin is Joe Augustin, an indie-folk & acoustic blues songwriter and guitarist from Richmond, Indiana. Achilles Tenderloin performs as a solo, duo, or full, 4 to 6-piece band.

Achilles Tenderloin is Joe Augustin, an indie-folk & acoustic blues songwriter and guitarist from Richmond, Indiana. Joe has been performing his original songs and poetry for live audiences for over 25 years. He is a full-time performer, visual artist, and concert organizer. Achilles Tenderloin performs as a solo, duo, or full, 4 to 6-piece band.

Joe has been booking and hosting original live music concert series, festivals, and open mics for 25 years. Current recurring series include Lyricists' Corner, Flavor Notes, quarterly concerts at Morrisson-Reeves Library, and weekly concerts at Elstro Plaza for Richmond Parks & Recreation. Joe also manages music events for various non-profit organizations and co-founded charity concert company SONA: Society of Neutral Angels with Kevin Milner, in 2013.

Joe's musical style and songwriting draw inspiration from a wide array of influences, ranging from the guitar stylings of pre-war blues artists Skip James and Son House to 1960s folk songwriters Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen, as well as contemporary indie-folk artists, including Jolie Holland and Neutral Milk Hotel.

Produced by Patrick Himes at Reel Love Recording, Tincture for Trouble was released on March 18, 2023 and charted well nationally on college and public radio. Listen to the full album on Bandcamp and Visit our Tour page for upcoming concerts!

The album features a strong cast of collaborators, including Kate Wakefield (Lung), Mo Lawson (Mister Moriah, Moriah Haven), Joe Macheret (The Tillers), Aaron Nell (The Deep End), Anna Pasquarello (Anna p.s.), Khrys Blank (Solistic), Rob Funkhouser, Dave Hadley (June Star), and Brian Hoeflich (Cherry Lee & The Hot Rod Hounds), as well as Loran Bohall and Kevin Grove of Bigfoot Yancey.

Previous Achilles Tenderloin studio albums include Ithaca (2001), The Bath (2005), Blind Oedi & The Case of The Secret Carnival (2011), and Stronger Than Wine (2014).

"A fascinating and innovative interpretation of the blues. File this one under 'Brave New Blues.'"
- Graham Clarke, Blues Bytes

"Joe Augustin has no problem bringing both a thoroughly addictive and refreshing sound to the new blues scene."
- John Vermilyea, Blues Underground Network

"Rips the broken heart out of blues, takes the aching soul of folk and the forlorn and fallen narratives of country and moulds them into something else. Something so poignant and devastating that music journalists are yet to come up with an adequate name for it."
- Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture

"A perfect symbiosis of indie-folk and acoustic blues...Achilles Tenderloin manages to soften even the hardest hearted"
- Excess Magazine

"Achilles Tenderloin is a musical powerhouse with a serene edge of creativity"
- Messiah’el Bey, Warlock Asylum International News

"Exquisite storytelling...Achilles Tenderloin pours his very heart and soul into the stellar sound"
- Beach Sloth

"Not your average indie-folk artist. His music is always on the edge when it comes to experimenting with different ideas and creative influences, while still retaining a very earthy and organic acoustic-leaning sound...mercurial and eclectic, but never pretentious"
- The Bandcamp Diaries

"World-class songwriting and musicianship...beautifully dark, dynamic, almost-haunting"
- Jeff Polk, LEO WEEKLY

"Deep, artistic and honest...absolutely me, you will want to come back for more"
- Which Coast

"You’ll find yourself caught up in the immersive sound and in need of hitting that repeat button for another listen"
- WokeChimp

"The upbeat, effervescent 'Don't Be Long' and the beautifully downbeat 'Blue Silhouettes' expand on the austere acoustic blues of early Achilles Tenderloin."
- Don Thrasher, Dayton Daily News

"Exhilirating...a gripping performance"
- Jimmy Rae, Skope

"A beautiful musical work"
- Julien James Vachon, Direct Actu

"Some of the most memorable singles I've come across in recent memory...I am such a huge fan of this sort of rootsy, soul-fueled, folk/blues sound...a killer blending of both traditional and contemporary influences, creating something that feels instantly familiar yet excitingly fresh at the same time."
- Jon Delange, Tinderbox Music



Tincture for Trouble - Now Available on Bandcamp!