Daisy May (2004)

Daisy May (2004)

Daisy May (2004)

Written by Achilles Tenderloin

When I went down—when I went down—
when I went down, just to see how my lady lay,
she was sittin’ right there, by that that same gray stone,
just where I left her yesterday.

When I laid down—when I laid down—
when I laid me down, in the daisies where my lady lay,
she said, “get off of my garden, you sad, old man.
Get on out. Don’t come back, ’til you’ve got somethin’ useful to say.”

When I wept down—when I wept down—
when I wept down’ my lady, to ask her what did she say,
she just pointed a daisy at yonder gate,
with a look like a stone, till I picked up and walk’ away.

When she went down—when she went down—
when Daisy went down, she was down like a dyin’ day.
When Daisy went down, she was askin’ for me,
sayin’, “play me my song, boy. Don’t stop ’til I’ve gone my way.”

She said, “when I go down—when I go down—
when I go down, I want to hear my name in the tone of A.
When I go down, don’t let me catch you in tears.
Just play me my song, boy, and lay daisies down on my clay.”

When I go down—when I go down—
when I lay me down, lay me down where my lady lay.
Carve, “Daisy May’s man,” above the days on my stone.
Leave a space, just in case I find somethin’ else useful to say.

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