Wooden Blues: First Night! Photos by Erin Lee

Wooden Blues: First Night! Photos by Erin Lee

Wooden Blues got off to a great start last Friday at Noble Order Brewing in Richmond, Indiana. We heard some phenomenal acoustic blues from featured musical guests Bob Dellaposta and Todd the Fox, after Achilles Tenderloin kicked off the festivities.

Meanwhile, amid freshly hung paintings by Sontina Reid and Joe Swanson, guests and musicians alike quaffed delicious wine and beer crafted less that 100 yards away by J&J Winery and Noble Order. The paintings will hang through February 13–drop in, if you want to see!

Erin Lee spent the evening with us and got some great photos of the action (see below). If you like what you see, check out Erin’s photography website.

Wait, there’s more!

We’ll be back for more on Friday, February 19 with special guests Delta Duo of Indianapolis and award-winning delta blues guitarist Chris Yakopcic of Dayton. Check them out online. Trust me, it’s going to be a night to remember!

In fact, we’ll be doing this one Friday of every month from now through May 2016:

FRI 1/22: Todd the Fox, Bob Dellaposta
FRI 2/19: Delta Duo, Chris Yakopcic
FRI 3/18: Will Scott, Joe Waters
FRI 4/15: Lou Shields, Micah Ian Kesselring
FRI 5/13: Joe Rollin Porter, Rob McAllister

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